Friday, January 25, 2019


bourbon house with rows of barrels full of bourbon stacked on two sides of a walkway
photo of a huge buffalo with a river in the background that is on display at buffalo trace distillery

I have toured many of Kentucky's bourbon distilleries and all are fun and different. Each has a different story to tell and of course a different bourbon.
 Recently I went for the third visit to Buffalo Trace Distillery. I thought I might be bored as I had been twice before. Wrong! This was the best tour yet! They have discovered the original building where the first bourbon was made and spent time and money to excavate and preserve it. They have even copper lined a vat and are producing a batch of bourbon there. Anyone into the history of Bourbon will love this area ...they call it Bourbon Pompeii.

a workman puhing a row of bourbon barrels to the warehouse at buffalo trace distilleryTo begin with Buffalo Trace is huge. The facility sits on over a 100 acres right on the Kentucky River in Frankfort Kentucky. It is super easy to get to. The distillery gets its name from the fact that buffalo originally crossed the river at this point. It is the oldest continuously operating distillery in America and still American family owned.

They have a tour that is free but you will need to make reservations. Reservations are required for most distillery tours in the state. There are a variety of interesting tours to choose from too. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking and climbing up stairs in many warehouses. At the end of each tour you will be able to sample four bourbons, and bourbon ball and a wonderful bourbon cream liqueur.