Thursday, December 6, 2018



(1) Start your morning with a stop at Plehns Bakery in the heart of St. Matthews. This neighborhood bakery has been in business on the corner of Shelbyville Road for over 40 years.  They sell a wonderful assortment of cookies, cakes, donuts and breads and even have soups and sandwich spreads to take out or eat at the old fashioned soda counter. I have been taking my children here for ever and buying their pasties for the inn for years.

two snowman sugar cookies with red caps and decorated with icing eyes and noses

(2)  Then take a drive downtown and cross the second street bridge and you will be in Indiana. Yes, Indiana is just across the Ohio River from Louisville and as close to the Inn as most suburbs in Louisville. Jeffersonville is a sweet little town and it is home to one of my favorite spots - Schimpffs Candy Store and Museum. Thisphoto of Schimpffs candy store with shelves full of the assorted candy family business makes candy with the old molds and the old equipment.  They will be making and sampling some confection everyday so you can watch and learn how the different candies are made. And of course you can buy an assortment to take home for gifts for friends and family for the holidays. We always have some set our for the guests here at the Inn during the holidays too!    

(3)   Locust Grove Historic Home is a great place to visit at any time of the year. The house and grounds offer visitors different activities year round. But the house is especially gorgeous at Christmas time. Saturday, December 8, from 12 Noon to 7 PM  the house will be open for Christmastide.   Visitors will be able to go behind the scenes and see the how the original Croghan family would have welcomed family and friends during the holidays in 1816.  The home will be filled with the sights, sounds and smells of the that time along with music and card playing. Wander into the outdoor hearth kitchen to talk with the cook.

group of people dressed in period attire from the 1800's at Locust Grove historic home ballroomThe visitors center and holiday craft market will be open too. Adults $6, Children and teens $3 and Children under 6 are free. For more information contact                

(4)  Lights Under Louisville  I'm sure there are lots of Christmas light displays in other towns and even in Louisville but I don't know of any others that are under ground! The Louisville Mega Cavern is open year round with the only underground zip line in the world and many of my guests have enjoyed going to that. But this time of year the cavern is open for the Christmas light show.   It is amazing with over 3 million points of light and 850 light displays!

You can drive through in  the comfort of your own car at night or new this year you can take and open air tram tour through during the day. The daily tram tour ends with children being served milk and cookies in the Winter Wonderland.

Prices vary depending on whether you have a car, bus or limo  To find more information on the prices and hours that they are open go to                                                                      

light displasy in the mega cavern saying lights under louisville