Monday, June 11, 2018



I love road trips and Kentucky is full of really fun and historic areas to head out to.
From the inn in Louisville you can go any direction and there will be something to do within 45 miles of us.

So I thought I would highlight some of the areas that are my favorites.
We are starting out heading east on highway 64 toward the bluegrass area of Kentucky. From Frankfort to Lexington the country side is beautiful. Rolling fields, beautiful meandering rivers and historic towns are on each side of the highway.

Just recently I took a trip over to Coolmore Farm to see American Pharoah. This is one special horse.
american pharoah winner of the triple crown of horse raciing standing in the grass for a photo

Not only did he win the triple crown of horse races, he also came back and won the Breeders Cup. Now he is having a fun time in the breeding barn at Coolmore Farm in Versailles Kentucky. Race horses can be pretty high strung and not too friendly, but American Pharoah actually likes people! The farm itself is a destination even without the famous horses there. It is incredibly beautiful piece of this earth. So you can make arrangements to tour this farm or any of the other horse farms in the Versailles and Lexington area.

We made arrangements to meet at the farm for a tour but were a little early. We just had enough time to stop in at the Rebecca Ruth Candy Store and pick up some bourbon balls for the guests. You can also take a tour of the factory and see the candies being made.

rebecca ruth bourbon balls with pecans on top of chocolate in a box

Every distillery makes great bourbon and most have bourbon balls as well. Chocolate and bourbon are a great combination!

midway kentucky main street buildings with cars and train track showing tooThen after patting American Pharoah and walking around the farm we headed to Midway Kentucky for lunch. This tiny town is midway between Frankfort and Lexington.... hence the name! The railroad runs right down the center of town. Each side of the street is lined with shops and restaurants.
Just enough to fill an hour or two.

three huge copper stills at Woodford Reserve distillery and wihite brick walls in the background

Then back to Versailles road to see bourbon being made at Woodford Reserve Distillery. The road to the distillery is lined with horse farms and the distillery sits in a little valley with gorgeous stone buildings. You can tour the distillery and sit on the veranda with an special cocktail.

All this fun can be accomplished after breakfast here at the inn and before dinner back in Louisville!

Next month we will head in another direction...exploring Kentucky and making memories.