Wednesday, February 7, 2018



Louisville is fast becoming one of the best foodie towns in the nation. We are not just bourbon and horses anymore folks. Food and beer are coming on strong.
Here are a couple events that are popular and fun to attend this month.

Coming up first is the TAILSPIN ALE FEST.

two sample glasses of beer and a basket with hotdog covered with chili and another basket with nachos in the background

USA TODAY voted this the 6th best craft beer festival in the nation. It is held in a aviation hanger at Bowman Field at 2700 Gast Boulevard in Louisville Saturday February 17 from 3 - 7 pm.

75 plus breweries will participate and 9 food trucks with offer food to accompany the beer offerings
Guests enjoy samples of more than 250 beers including a section for Kentucky breweries, a cider bar and the Liquor Barn Bourbon Barrel bar.

Cost to attend is $50 or $75 for the VIP ticket.
For more information check out:

Next up this month is the 6th ANNUAL GRAVY CUP

 We will actually be competing in this one with a gravy and biscuit too. There are categories for traditional, non traditional and vegan entries.  500 plus guests tour and sample different gravies from participating restaurants, home cooks and bed and breakfasts.

four judes sitting at a table juding the entries at the annual gravy cup for boys and girls haven
Judging the entries 
It is held at the Mellwood Art Center at 1860 Mellwood Ave Saturday January 24 from 11 - 2 and cost $15.
The Mellwood Art Center also houses a huge antique you can tour it and walk off some of the gravy calories!