Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Soak away in one of our spa tubs

January is my quiet month. Here at the Inn we take down the Christmas decorations and decorate for Spring. Lots of dogwood blooms and light colors abound. We have lots of candles to brighten the cold winter days and soft music drifting about.

It's the best time for planning the coming year's activities and travel...for me and the guests. Time for quiet talks and reading by the fire with a cup of coffee or glass of  wine...or bourbon here in Kentucky. We have a collection of cookbooks for guests to take to the rooms and look for comfort food recipes. And there are so many great restaurants near to visit for more comfort food!  I just visited Gasthaus German Restaurant which has the best German food in a quaint and warm setting.

On those cold winter days the movie theaters are a great way to escape. One theater - Cinemark - is located just a mile from the inn...with those comfy lounging chairs.

two glasses of hot cider with cinnamon sticks in them
warm up with hot cider

Just taking a day or two away from the world makes a big difference. The soaking tubs and steam showers in our rooms will definitely take the chill away. And we love to arrange for an extra package to make your stay more special.

So take some time to rest and revive and then head off into the rest of the year with new energy.

enterior of gestaus german restaurant with two guests seated at a table and a person playing a acordian for them and a large cherry topped chocolate cake and a sign offering gift certificate sales