Thursday, December 6, 2018



(1) Start your morning with a stop at Plehns Bakery in the heart of St. Matthews. This neighborhood bakery has been in business on the corner of Shelbyville Road for over 40 years.  They sell a wonderful assortment of cookies, cakes, donuts and breads and even have soups and sandwich spreads to take out or eat at the old fashioned soda counter. I have been taking my children here for ever and buying their pasties for the inn for years.

two snowman sugar cookies with red caps and decorated with icing eyes and noses

(2)  Then take a drive downtown and cross the second street bridge and you will be in Indiana. Yes, Indiana is just across the Ohio River from Louisville and as close to the Inn as most suburbs in Louisville. Jeffersonville is a sweet little town and it is home to one of my favorite spots - Schimpffs Candy Store and Museum. Thisphoto of Schimpffs candy store with shelves full of the assorted candy family business makes candy with the old molds and the old equipment.  They will be making and sampling some confection everyday so you can watch and learn how the different candies are made. And of course you can buy an assortment to take home for gifts for friends and family for the holidays. We always have some set our for the guests here at the Inn during the holidays too!    

(3)   Locust Grove Historic Home is a great place to visit at any time of the year. The house and grounds offer visitors different activities year round. But the house is especially gorgeous at Christmas time. Saturday, December 8, from 12 Noon to 7 PM  the house will be open for Christmastide.   Visitors will be able to go behind the scenes and see the how the original Croghan family would have welcomed family and friends during the holidays in 1816.  The home will be filled with the sights, sounds and smells of the that time along with music and card playing. Wander into the outdoor hearth kitchen to talk with the cook.

group of people dressed in period attire from the 1800's at Locust Grove historic home ballroomThe visitors center and holiday craft market will be open too. Adults $6, Children and teens $3 and Children under 6 are free. For more information contact                

(4)  Lights Under Louisville  I'm sure there are lots of Christmas light displays in other towns and even in Louisville but I don't know of any others that are under ground! The Louisville Mega Cavern is open year round with the only underground zip line in the world and many of my guests have enjoyed going to that. But this time of year the cavern is open for the Christmas light show.   It is amazing with over 3 million points of light and 850 light displays!

You can drive through in  the comfort of your own car at night or new this year you can take and open air tram tour through during the day. The daily tram tour ends with children being served milk and cookies in the Winter Wonderland.

Prices vary depending on whether you have a car, bus or limo  To find more information on the prices and hours that they are open go to                                                                      

light displasy in the mega cavern saying lights under louisville

Monday, October 8, 2018



Iroquois Park will be lit up with 5000 pumpkins of various sizes and shapes beginning October 9 and running through November 4. Artists are busy working in a huge warehouse this week drawing and carving faces of famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Willie Nelson and fun characters from children's books and movies. And they don't just carve the pumpkins once during the show... they need to replace all 5000 pumpkins on a regular basis.

When they are complete the pumpkins are placed along the winding pathway at Iroquois Park - some up in the trees, some back in the woods. Then they add holograms and music to enhance the theme of a "Night in the Library".

The show runs daily and the gates open at dusk every day. Gates close at 11pm on Sunday through Thursday nights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.
For more information on ticket prices and special event days when prices are less go to:

carved pumkins dipicting harry potter and happy and scarry faced pumkins both large and small
Pumpkins at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Saturday, September 15, 2018




Just a few more weeks left for the St. Matthews Farmers Market to be open. It is one of the best and largest in the city and full of great farm produce and meat and live music and vendors making
yummy breakfast offerings.

farmers market booth with blackberries in cartons and many people walking by the booth and a green truck in the backgroundGreat time to pick up the last vine ripened tomatoes and early pumpkins.

Just around the corner from the inn at 4100 Shelbyville Road, 8:00 am to noon Saturdays through September 29.


The Belle of Louisville is the perfect way to see the city and take in the fall colors while floating down the Ohio river for a leisurely couple of hours. Food and Beverages are served on the boat and there are tables inside and chairs outside on the decks. Guests also can go down and see the boilers and look at the paddle wheels on the back of the boat. The Belle is the oldest steam boat in the country. Mark Twain would be very familiar with a boat like the Belle.

belle of louisville steam boart cruising on the river with the baddlewheel in the back and people on the deck

Friday, August 10, 2018


front view of the historic building with four floors of large windows and brick facade and patio on front with entrance


There is always much to see and learn at the Frazier Museum. Many great exhibits are featured year round. Now the museum adds a new garden space and bourbon exhibit.
The park and garden space will be open to the public during museum hours. The garden space is located on the east side of the museum building between the Frazier and the neighboring brick building. The linear park has tables with chairs and benches where people can sit and enjoy the  native Kentucky plantings of ghost ferns, service berry shrubs, Kentucky coffee and locust trees and many more species picked by world-renowned landscape artist John Carloftis.

From the park stairs lead to a second story rooftop garden with more unusual native Kentucky plantings. On the south side of the rooftop space there is a balcony that juts out and offers a spectacular view of the West Main Street Bourbon district.

A new entrance - called the Cube - will open soon and this will be where guests enter for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center.  This will be the official starting point for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.  The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center and the "Spirit of Kentucky" exhibit both open August 25.  The new exhibit will highlight the history of Bourbon - Americas only native spirit - through interactive exhibits and display a bottle collection that will include nearly every brand of bourbon being produced in Kentucky!

Here is where you can get answers to any and all Bourbon tourism questions you might need to plan your excursions around the state and in Louisville.

entrance in the museum that shows all the examples of bourbons in kentucy in cases around the room

Monday, July 9, 2018



Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby and the Louisville Slugger but it also has many other very interesting facts that most people are not aware of.

1. The Old Fashioned cocktail originated in Louisville. It was invented at the Pendennis Club in downtown Louisville. It is made with bourbon of course and angostura bitters, a little sugar and garnished with an orange peel. Very good and very potent!

2. The Louisville Slugger was originally a famous baseball  named Pete Browning. He ran into a slump and asked Bud Hillerich to make a new bat for him. He tried out the new bat and immediately made three hits.
His teammates then wanted new bats too...and so began the Louisville Slugger.

3. Main Street in downtown Louisville has the nations second largest collection of fabulous cast iron front buildings...only SoHo in New York city has more.

view of the historic building on west main street n louisville with the cast iron fronts and cars parked on the street
a round shiny disco ball hanging from the ceiling with lights sparkling in the ceiling4. Louisville is the disco ball capital of the world. Omega National Products makes the disco balls by gluing tiny mirrors by hand on disco balls. Some are small and some are huge. They came into popularity in the 1970s and are still in demand.  Madonna, Kid Rock and Pearl Jam are some of their clients.

5. Louisville had the largest urban forest in America. The Jefferson Memorial Forests is just minutes from suburban neighborhoods. 6,500 acres of beautiful forest where visitors can get away from the city and enjoy fishing, hiking and camping.

Monday, July 2, 2018


fireworks going off over the ohio bridge and on the river and showing the banks of the river with people on the side viewing the fireworks

How about a day trip to Indiana? Well all you have to do is cross the Ohio River and there you are in Jeffersonville Indiana.
From the Inn it is only 8 miles. Take the 2nd street bridge and you avoid the tolls. Then visit the Falls of the Ohio historic site and museum. It is a fascinating spot that includes the museum and the falls. In the dry summer months you can walk out on the falls and look at the fossils from the glacial era.

We can pack you a picnic to enjoy there or later during the fireworks.
Another fun place is the Schimphs Candy Store . Watch them make the candy and sample some. The double dipped malted milk balls  and bourbon balls are fabulous! They have a soda fountain where you can have lunch if not opting for our picnic basket.

the owners of shimphs candy store making the cinnamon candy pouring from a huge copper kettle in the front and the candy store in the background

Then pick a spot for the LOUISVILLE WATERFRONT FOURTH fireworks that start 10:00pm. The Indiana or Kentucky sides of the river are both good vantage points. There will be music performances, and food and drink on both sides of the river. You could even walk from one side to
other over the Big Four pedestrian bridge.

The Zambelli Company handles many of the best fireworks displays around the country and this one will not disappoint!

Monday, June 11, 2018



I love road trips and Kentucky is full of really fun and historic areas to head out to.
From the inn in Louisville you can go any direction and there will be something to do within 45 miles of us.

So I thought I would highlight some of the areas that are my favorites.
We are starting out heading east on highway 64 toward the bluegrass area of Kentucky. From Frankfort to Lexington the country side is beautiful. Rolling fields, beautiful meandering rivers and historic towns are on each side of the highway.

Just recently I took a trip over to Coolmore Farm to see American Pharoah. This is one special horse.
american pharoah winner of the triple crown of horse raciing standing in the grass for a photo

Not only did he win the triple crown of horse races, he also came back and won the Breeders Cup. Now he is having a fun time in the breeding barn at Coolmore Farm in Versailles Kentucky. Race horses can be pretty high strung and not too friendly, but American Pharoah actually likes people! The farm itself is a destination even without the famous horses there. It is incredibly beautiful piece of this earth. So you can make arrangements to tour this farm or any of the other horse farms in the Versailles and Lexington area.

We made arrangements to meet at the farm for a tour but were a little early. We just had enough time to stop in at the Rebecca Ruth Candy Store and pick up some bourbon balls for the guests. You can also take a tour of the factory and see the candies being made.

rebecca ruth bourbon balls with pecans on top of chocolate in a box

Every distillery makes great bourbon and most have bourbon balls as well. Chocolate and bourbon are a great combination!

midway kentucky main street buildings with cars and train track showing tooThen after patting American Pharoah and walking around the farm we headed to Midway Kentucky for lunch. This tiny town is midway between Frankfort and Lexington.... hence the name! The railroad runs right down the center of town. Each side of the street is lined with shops and restaurants.
Just enough to fill an hour or two.

three huge copper stills at Woodford Reserve distillery and wihite brick walls in the background

Then back to Versailles road to see bourbon being made at Woodford Reserve Distillery. The road to the distillery is lined with horse farms and the distillery sits in a little valley with gorgeous stone buildings. You can tour the distillery and sit on the veranda with an special cocktail.

All this fun can be accomplished after breakfast here at the inn and before dinner back in Louisville!

Next month we will head in another direction...exploring Kentucky and making memories.

Monday, April 2, 2018


large derby hat with red rose in center and blue feathers on top worn by women with long blond hair and torqouis earrings and necklaceTHIS TIME OF THE YEAR ALL THINGS LEAD TO DERBY

Two weeks and more of events full of unique experiences make the Kentucky Derby Festival one of the top festivals in the country. Each year over 1.5 million people attend one of the 70 plus events.
And the food fenders offer mouth watering cuisine  at each event.

My favorites include the Thunder Over Louisville Fireworks, The Great Steamboat Race, and Dawn at the Downs. 

night time view of the farris wheel on the great lawn with colorful lights all around the parking lot and the wheel and the river in the background the the bridge next to it lit up too

New this year is the SkyStar Observation Wheel.  It just arrived this week and set up on the Great Lawn at Waterfront Park.  The 137 foot tall Ferris Wheel has 36 gondolas that hole 6 people each. At night it lights the sky with a spectacular display of over 1 million Led lights.
This is the first stop for the huge Ferris Wheel and it will stay for a month and then visit other cities in the country.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018



Louisville is fast becoming one of the best foodie towns in the nation. We are not just bourbon and horses anymore folks. Food and beer are coming on strong.
Here are a couple events that are popular and fun to attend this month.

Coming up first is the TAILSPIN ALE FEST.

two sample glasses of beer and a basket with hotdog covered with chili and another basket with nachos in the background

USA TODAY voted this the 6th best craft beer festival in the nation. It is held in a aviation hanger at Bowman Field at 2700 Gast Boulevard in Louisville Saturday February 17 from 3 - 7 pm.

75 plus breweries will participate and 9 food trucks with offer food to accompany the beer offerings
Guests enjoy samples of more than 250 beers including a section for Kentucky breweries, a cider bar and the Liquor Barn Bourbon Barrel bar.

Cost to attend is $50 or $75 for the VIP ticket.
For more information check out:

Next up this month is the 6th ANNUAL GRAVY CUP

 We will actually be competing in this one with a gravy and biscuit too. There are categories for traditional, non traditional and vegan entries.  500 plus guests tour and sample different gravies from participating restaurants, home cooks and bed and breakfasts.

four judes sitting at a table juding the entries at the annual gravy cup for boys and girls haven
Judging the entries 
It is held at the Mellwood Art Center at 1860 Mellwood Ave Saturday January 24 from 11 - 2 and cost $15.
The Mellwood Art Center also houses a huge antique you can tour it and walk off some of the gravy calories!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Soak away in one of our spa tubs

January is my quiet month. Here at the Inn we take down the Christmas decorations and decorate for Spring. Lots of dogwood blooms and light colors abound. We have lots of candles to brighten the cold winter days and soft music drifting about.

It's the best time for planning the coming year's activities and travel...for me and the guests. Time for quiet talks and reading by the fire with a cup of coffee or glass of  wine...or bourbon here in Kentucky. We have a collection of cookbooks for guests to take to the rooms and look for comfort food recipes. And there are so many great restaurants near to visit for more comfort food!  I just visited Gasthaus German Restaurant which has the best German food in a quaint and warm setting.

On those cold winter days the movie theaters are a great way to escape. One theater - Cinemark - is located just a mile from the inn...with those comfy lounging chairs.

two glasses of hot cider with cinnamon sticks in them
warm up with hot cider

Just taking a day or two away from the world makes a big difference. The soaking tubs and steam showers in our rooms will definitely take the chill away. And we love to arrange for an extra package to make your stay more special.

So take some time to rest and revive and then head off into the rest of the year with new energy.

enterior of gestaus german restaurant with two guests seated at a table and a person playing a acordian for them and a large cherry topped chocolate cake and a sign offering gift certificate sales