Tuesday, December 5, 2017



buffett with holiday ornaments hanging from garland on top with christmas lights and pastries on the buffett and pink and white wallpaper on the wall of the roomI can't believe it is December 2017! I've been and innkeeper for 24 years! And have decorated for Christmas at the Inn 24 times! It really has flown by. This house truly looks great decorated for the season. When you have 8000 plus square feet you can really do a lot of decorating! We begin the day after Thanksgiving with a trip to buy our live 12 foot tree. Then we spend a week getting every nook and cranny of the inn interior and exterior full of decorations. One of my guests estimated that the tree alone had 1000 ornaments on it! I joke to the staff that I don't know when to stop! There is always a spot for one more ornament.

The dining room theme is candy. One year we hit upon the icicle look and loved it. We get the rock candy sticks at a fabulous candy store and museum called Schimphs. It is located in Jeffersonville Indiana...right across the river. You can even park on the Louisville side and walk across the pedestrian Big Four Bridge. A little exercise before indulging in all the many candy options at Schimphs. They have the rock candy sticks in many colors and flavors.

the fireplace mantel decorated with candy sugar sticks of different colors and a garland with blue bows and burning candles on the mantel with glass scones around them

The Tree in the Parlor is very traditional with ornaments collected over the years.  I love to receive and to give ornaments to friends and family. Every year we add more and somehow find room on the tree. The ceiling height is 14 feet so the room can accommodate a large tree. One year it touched the ceiling! That sure made it hard to decorate the top!  Now we try to keep it in the 12 foot range.

front view of the main house decorated for christmas with green roping and red bows and big yellow painted gothic trim house with arches on the porch and white polar bears in the yard
chirstmas trees with many ornaments and lights and desk with garland on top wiht lights and candle stick and large window in the backgroung with wreaths in the window and two chairs in front of each window