Sunday, April 12, 2015



two silver mint julep cups with silver staws in them and mint and ice showing in the top sitting on a yellow metal table
A traditional mint julep served in the official Derby mint julep cup from Churchill Downs

Spring time in Kentucky is absolutely beautiful. And all the attractions and restaurants have planned extra special activities and menus.

This year April is mint julep month. In Louisville many of the restaurants on the Urban Bourbon Trail have concocted special renditions of our traditional mint julep. Mint julep merchandise will be on sale at many locations around town too...and you can sign up to win a set of silver mint julep cups at

If the liquid variety of mint julep is not to your taste then try some of the candy being offered. You can get mint julep butter creams, made with Evan Williams Bourbon, at Cellar Door Chocolates and mint julep taffy is available at the Derby Museum.

You can sample the real traditional mint julep at Churchill Downs and take home the derby glass it is served in as a momento.
If you are not attending the Derby the first Saturday of May this year ...not to worry. One of the best ways to get the Derby experience ahead of the actual Derby is to come to Louisville the week before. Racing starts on April 25 and many of the Derby horses are in town.
And Churchill Downs hosts Dawn at the Downs each day April 28 and 29 from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Then you can sit in Millionaires Row on the 6th floor at Churchill and have a great breakfast while watching the Derby contenders workout on the track. You need to buy tickets so check out for more information.