Saturday, September 22, 2012



An exhibit showcasing the life of Diana Princess of Wales just opened at the Frazier History Museum.  Over 7,500 square feet of displays in nine galleries will house the exhibit and feature family jewels, personal mementos, paintings, rare home movies and of course some of the fabulous designer dresses she wore and her famous royal  wedding gown. The exhibit is on permanent display every summer at Diana's ancestral home,  the Spencer family's Althorp Estate in England.

Two diamond tiaras and Diana's family jewels will also be on display. Curator, Graeme Murton, said "They are exceptional. I've never seen diamonds like them." He and Nick Grossmark have been traveling around the world with the exhibit for more than decade. They are the only people allowed to handle the wedding dress and its lavish 25 foot train. They wear white gloves to protect the material from the acidity in their hands.

This very special exhibit is open through January 13 the Frazier History Museum, located at 829 West Main Street in Louisville. For more information on this exhibit and the rest of the permanent collection at the museum go to or call 502-753-5663.d

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