Saturday, August 11, 2012



many white moonflowers open
moonflower bush in full bloom
One of the best summer bloomers are our moonflower bushes. They love the hot weather and tolerate more dryness than many of the other flowers in the garden. I started with one plant from a nursery in town and now we have them all over the gardens. The trick is to collect the pods that form from each bloom and then ( this is really hard) toss them in the garden wherever you wish to see them the following year.

one large white moon flower withe stamen showing

As you can see from the photo I took just this morning of the plant in front of the Rose Cottage - they are prolific bloomers. An added bonus is that they honey bees love them! They open up at dusk and the fragrance of honey and lemon fills the whole property. As soon as the sun gets high in the sky they close up. And this repeats all season long until the first frost.

I collect the pods and give them out to any guest who wants them. Believe me there is plenty to go around! In fact if you are in the neighborhood this fall just stop by and we will give you one.