Friday, April 15, 2011

Thinking Ahead - Make Plans To Attend These Events

a women at the track wearing a huge black hat with see through netting in rings tilted on one side of her head with sprigs of black feathers coming out of the center and wearing a bright pink dress NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT - IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND THE DERBY! SATURDAY MAY 7 - THE 137TH RUNNING OF THE KENTUCKY DERBY Yes tickets can still be found through Churchill Downs for the grandstand, some areas in the boxes and of course the infield. It is still too early to tell what the weather will do. However, it has been so rainy this spring that hopefully the odds are way good for sunny days for the Oaks and Derby! If you do come, plan on bringing a hat. This is one of the few occasions left when hats are popular for ladies and men. And in Louisville there are stores full of choices. I just had a guest this week find a fabulous huge red hat at Macy's ( just like the hat in the beach scene of the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair"). If you don't have time to shop here in town before you head for the track, or can not find a hat in your town, don't worry. There is a booth set up at the track where they will make a hat to match the outfit you have on!  hTHE GREAT DERBY FESTIVAL BALLOONFEST April 28 The Balloon Glimmer on the waterfront downtown at 8:30pm April 29 The Great Balloon Rush-Hour Race at 7:00am from Bowman Field Then The Great Balloon Glow at 9:00 pm at Bowman Field April 30 The Great Balloon Race at 7:00am at Bowman Field These events are crowd pleasers and another great fun family outing. Weather is a big factor with these events. The balloons can not take off if there is more that 6 mile winds. But when they do go off it is a beautiful site. Some tips for these events: Come early for the balloon glow and tailgate or vendors will have food too. Ask the pilots if they have favors. They usually do for the kids. And it is fun to get the pilots to autograph the program For the balloon races it is fun to go through the Crispy Creme Doughnut drive through and take hot chocolate, coffee and doughnuts to the field. This year the balloon races will be held a Bowman Field for the first time. It is only two miles from the Inn so we have a good chance that the balloons will float over out place! Saturday April 16 Thunder Over Louisvillea fromation or 6 small planes flying in the air show with blue sky and white air trails behind each plane fireworks on the river at dark with lots of bright colors and reflecting into the river Thinking ahead for this weekend. Think Thunder! Not thunder storm, but Thunder Over Louisville! The kickoff event for the Derby Festival, Thunder starts with the air show featuring every type of military and civilian aircraft and ends with the biggest annual fireworks display in the US. When you see and hear 52 tons of fireworks go off it is just incredible and unforgettable. 500,000 plus people will line the Ohio River on both sides to watch the show and picnic. Either bring your own or you can find every type of food from vendors along the area. Or you can still buy tickets to see the event from the Belle of Louisville or the Cincinnati Belle or one of the many restaurants along the river. This is truly an event that everyone should go to once at least.