Friday, March 25, 2011


antiqes at an antique mall, lots of wood chest and tables and lamps and pictures and plates This area of the country is still a great place to find a special antique. There is an abundance of antique malls and shops that have a huge variety of furniture and small objects at very good prices. I try to hit my favorite ones on a monthly basis and can always find something. Many of our guests are already familiar with the area shops, but if you are not, don't worry...we have maps and brochures for you. Here are some of my favorite places. In Louisville: Derby City Antique Mall - a little bit of everything Goss Avenue Antique Mall - good selection of antiques and designer furnishings Crazy Daisy Antique Mall - good selection of small items Antique Market at Distillery Commons - high end and nice Joe Ley Antiques - great furniture and interesting objects David Friedlander Antiques - Just around the corner from us Peddlers Malls - there are 6 located around town but I like the one on Shelbyville Rd the best. (Pictured above) Then 22 miles to the east of Louisville in Shelbyville Kentucky you can walk to all of these in two blocks. Wakefield - Scearce - really fine antiques and silver in an old school house with a great place to eat too - called Science Hill Ruby Rooster Antique Mall - lots of everything Shelbyville Antique Mall

Monday, March 7, 2011


bear carved from the stump of a tree standing on the rest of the stump Just recently a beautiful bear appeared in our neighborhood. When a large pin oak had to be cut down in this wonderful little green space called Windy Hills Green, the neighbors came up with a way to save part of the tree and add an unusual piece of art work to the park. They contacted a chain saw artist named T.C. Gill from Illinois who carved this huge statue of a bear out of the remaining 25 foot tree trunk. I love to drive by and see him standing proudly in the park. It will make you smile. So if you get a chance take a look. He's located at the corner of Rudy Lane and Brownsboro Road.