Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Derby Guests

Some pictures showing the Main House, Carriage House and Rose Cottage with new walkway. The azaleas are gorgeous this year.
Front gardens and entrance to the Cottage.

The few weeks before Derby are very hectic for an innkeeper....and anyone else hosting guests for Derby Weekend. Even though it is too early to plant annuals we all do it anyway and then hope for a gentle spring with no late frost to kill our flowers.
This year this area had an early heat wave which accelerated the trees and flowers and everything bloomed at once. Absolutely gorgeous! All my guests have been commenting on how beautiful the city is. The down side of this is that we may not have any trees or azaleas in bloom for Derby!
Here are a few pictures of what is in bloom this week.

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  1. Marsha, I loved being at Woodhaven with my friend Lisa this past weekend. Your Inn is absolutely beautiful and you are an amazing hostess! Thank you for a wonderful weekend!
    I'll be thinking about you this weekend as you host your Derby guests!