Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Derby Guests

Some pictures showing the Main House, Carriage House and Rose Cottage with new walkway. The azaleas are gorgeous this year. the back of the yellow cottage with the brick walkway going up to it and pink azaleas blooming along the walkway Front gardens and entrance to the Cottage.the path to the front of the Cottage with pink and white azaleas blooming on either side and the yellow cottage in the background the front of the main house with green trees and pink azaleas and The few weeks before Derby are very hectic for an innkeeper....and anyone else hosting guests for Derby Weekend. Even though it is too early to plant annuals we all do it anyway and then hope for a gentle spring with no late frost to kill our flowers. This year this area had an early heat wave which accelerated the trees and flowers and everything bloomed at once. Absolutely gorgeous! All my guests have been commenting on how beautiful the city is. The down side of this is that we may not have any trees or azaleas in bloom for Derby! Here are a few pictures of what is in bloom this week.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Parks to take a Spring Walk In

the sidewalk to brown park with green grass and trees and houses along the way the creek at brown park with branches from trees hanging over it Louisville is well known for it's wonderful parks. There are center city parks designed by Olmsted and the newer Waterfront Park and then there are many little gems in neighborhoods all over the city. In fact there are over 14,000 acres of parks and over 100 miles of bike and hiking paths! Two of those gems are located just two blocks from us. One is Brown Park and the other is Draut Nature Preserve. They both have meandering creeks and wild flowers and many birds. This area is a migratory path for many birds especially mallard ducks and Canadian geese so many of them nest here this time of the year. It's not unusual to see baby ducks and we even put a sign on the drive to worn guests of some in our back garden. They are beautiful in the mornings and guests often take a walk and then come back for breakfast.