Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This summer the Louisville area has had an abundance of rain and so the gardens here at the Inn are very lush. One clematis vine grows a foot a day! It is an old fashioned variety named "bridal veil". It blooms in late August with hundreds of tiny sweet smelling flowers.
We use a fertilizer made here in Louisville named Monty's Joy Juice for all the potted plantings. I think it is working...take a look at those cabbages!


  1. Nice, Marsha. I have the same Bridal Veil Clematis that you have. It has a heavenly fragrance

  2. So, Masha, did you try the Goetta on your guests? If so, how did they like it. You said you were going to post Goetta recipes Did you?

    BTW, you can make comments on my site any time you want. Thanks.

    Also, would be nice to see comments to my comments here. (:

  3. I have been serving the goetta at breakfast for awhile and the guests that try it really like it...however it is a bit if a hard sell...kinda like getting northerners to try my stone ground grits!
    We serve it with a tomatoe and a poached egg.