Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Farmer's Markets in Louisville

Many farmer's markets are open during the summer months all around Louisville. One of the best - the St. Matthews market - is just around the corner from us at Beargrass Christian Church. It is held each Saturday from 8am to noon and offers amazing fresh farm products and beautiful baked goods and flowers and even local crafts.

Recently we found local strawberries, heirloom speckled lettuce, buffalo sausage, Kenny's cheeses and great multi colored cage free chicken eggs. It's so nice to have this option for locally grown and raised organic foods....and an extra treat for the guests.

The Dreamcatcher Farm breakfast ribeye steaks are going over great with the guests.
Coming up this weekend we are going to offer little organic fried chicken breasts. This may sound odd for a breakfast choice, but my grandmother said they used to have it all the time on the farm....we'll see how it goes!

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