Sunday, June 7, 2009

Breakfast at the Inn

We love to fix breakfast here at the Inn and have a menu with many options. Each day of the week we start with continental offerings of 4 juices, assorted pastries, yogurts, a huge bowl of organic fruit with whipped cream and granola. Then guests choose from our menu of eggs cooked to order, Great Harvest toast, English muffins, biscuits ( with or without homemade sausage gravy ) and bacon, sausage. Plus other options of pancakes with blueberries or dark chocolate... and last but not least a very caramelly french toast.
Daily specials added to our menu include Weisenberger Mill stone ground grits, quiches and our breakfast pie. On the weekends we serve wonderful little breakfast ribeye steaks from Dreamcatcher Farm. Farm raised just east of Louisville and grass fed and finished, we find them and other organic products at the farmers market around the corner from us.


  1. as an innkeeper here in montana.. always on the hunt for some new fixings... thanx


  2. OMG. I'm gonna run right over ther and have breakfast. Don't worry, I'll call first. Your food looks awesome. Nice pics!

  3. I just went to Cinncinati today and I am going to try some Goetta out on the guests. I found it at a great market with this butcher shop that makes their own. It's a combination of pork, beef oatmeal and spices...and they are old family recipes that no one gives out! I've had it before when we were photographing for the cookbook. I'll take a picture and put the recipe up soon