Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break for my California and Kentucky Grandchildren

cabin front porch with people standing and sitting around water company gothic revival stone pump house with two people standing out front lady taking photo of moss on hillside child jumping on pillows child laying on pillows Last week two of my four grandchildren visited - one from San Francisco, California and one from Berea, Kentucky. We hit a bunch of their favorite spots such as Schimphs Candy store in Jeffersonville just across the Ohio River from Louisville. They have been in business for 80 years and have a fabulous museum and area where visitors can watch them make the candy. Then of course, everyone loves to pick some to take home. We had dessert first and then off to the world's largest White Castle hamburger restaurant for some cheeseburgers. (better known as sliders here in Kentucky) After these two stops we drove to the reservoir to walk the Mayor's Mile around this fabulous early 1900's Gothic design building. Next day children, grandchildren and the old innkeeper (that being me) drove down to Lake Cumberland to a little piece of land that the family owns. It is truly rough! Usually myself and my sister stay at a bed and breakfast nearby but the kids convinced us to try the cabin with them this year. It was great fun...out house and all! We even were able to watch a movie by rigging a laptop and displaying it on the cabin front. The weather was perfect and did not turn rainy until the day we left to come back to normal life.